I had some extra teaching session this afternoon after I was finished in Kelang. As soon as I reached home, Puan Anita asked me to take her out for some groceries. The boys wanted to go to IKANO to play at the indoor playground and have dinner there. Since Idlan had hardly had any lunch, we decided to do dinner first. So we went to Italiannes at The Curve.

I blogged about the Xmas decor at The Curve before, so there were nothing new to report. Dinner was nice, until I realised that Italiannes is more adept at starters and small snacks rather than main courses. The pizza and bruchetta were glorious, but alas, the main - I ordered salmon with pasta and Anita had some seafood pasta aglio olio. Forgettable.

The front door of ItalianniesThe starter - deliciousThe main course - not soAfter dinner, we went across to IKANO. Anita did her shopping while I took the kids to the playground. It was located on the top - second - floor, right next to the pet store. Over the years, the place have evolved. It used to only have a single inflatable giant slide. It has a couple now and it has been changed, so the boys won't get bored. There were also Playstation console is you feel like it. It wasn't that full late in the evening, so the boys got the place to themselves.

All spent after half an hour in the playgroundLooking forward to more activities this weekend, though I will be occupied with a few lectures and essays to do. I'll also likely to be busy updating the site. I might take them out on one of the afternoons as well but not sure where to yet.