Thank you and see you next week

As I mentioned earlier, next week will be exam week in Kelang and with the Xmas break coming up, it was understandable that once the exam was done, everybody would start to shut down. Some have even made plans to return to Mum and Dad - the one from Cameron Highlands, you know who you are! Since I will not be taking any formal classes next week, the students asked me to join them for some afternoon tea. We did so at the nearby Pizza Hut - apparently at the only shopping mall in Kelang as they admitted so grudgingly.

I left my wallet at home, so I was not able to fork out any park of the bill. I did offer to clean the plates and mop the floor however. It was nice to chat with them in matters outside medicine for a change. They tried hard however to pry out any clues from next week exam, but I managed to resist it. So, to all of you, good luck and please calm down and not get too excited during the clinical short case. If you just follow the steps, all of you will be fine. I shall see you next week!

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