Return to Kelang

The last time I was posted to teach in Kelang, I have not even started the blog yet. It must have been close to 3 years back. Certainly a long of things have changed. I also remember still the first time I was posted here back in 2004. Idlan was only just born and the partner I was assigned with have left for private practice. It certainly have been a long time since I first step there and for old time sake, let see what had happened.

The session being plannedThe first thing I noticed was the number of crows around the place. The number had certainly gone down. It was a norm to have team of shooters doing the rounds there shooting these pesky birds down. Walking from the hostel to the hospital building was also a risk. You never know what would land on your head if you were not careful. The place has certainly been better kept. A lot of investment has gone in with the building of a new multistory car park and an outpatient complex. There was a new cafeteria there - where I now have lunch.

Give me more roti canaiThe hostel building. Not much change there.I also remember looking forward for a proper roti canai at another cafeteria there - the one in the old building, near the Casualty. I was disappointed with the offering on my last stint there, but this week, it was very nice, although the curry could have been better. The wards were just as crowded as ever, although the main medical ward had managed to rid of their dengue patient to a new designated ward. I remember at least 50% of admissions every night into the medical ward was dengue back then. The patients were still as grumpy and the condition were less than ideal for teaching medical students, especially those who were just learning their trade. The first teachers are very in important in getting the students to get into the right habit. With the less than ideal condition on offer, it would take a lot of commitment to get things right.

The new outpatients buildingThere was also this tendency amongst the students to make sure all their boxes were ticked. They were more adept at making sure that the lecturer cover as wide a range of subject as possible, but the danger of that would be the compromise in quality. On a personal level, I much prefer the qualitative approach rather than getting as much done as possible. That was easier said than done, and as a result I can appear to be too overbearing and tend to elaborate more than I possibly need to. But then again, that was me, and I can only strive to do the best that I can. So, quality boys and girls, rather than quality.

Taking notesTaking a breatherAlong the same vein, the class size has certainly increased along the years. There used to be around 30 to 32 students per group. The current group I have was 44, including a number of students who dropped down a year. This will certainly put a strain on things especially in the final week, during which I will be taking them for a short case examinations. 44 students. All for short case. Sigh!

On a personal note, the lady in charge for the program in Kelang for the UM side has also changed. It used to be Kak Ani. She has since retired. It was now Kak Salmah. It will take a while for me to get to know her. The lecture schedules were still the same, but apparently, the Consultants would be coming here more regularly than before. I will have to wait to see how things pan out.