A talk by a friend

During the Education and Further Studies Fair 2010 at Mid Valley the other day, I had the pleasure of attending a talk by my friend Ramesh. He is a full time web designer among other things, and I first met him during the KLickr - the KL Flickr group outing. I have only been keeping up with him through his blog and it has been a while since I seen him in the flesh.

As part of career education, Ramesh had an hour to convince the audience that there is fulfilling career to be had in the field of web design and it should not be looked at as a fall-back option if other more glamorous options were closed - Medicine for instance!

The talk started at a slow pace but soon picked up traction with audience trickling in with time. The first parts were the formalities of what should be considered for a place for training, what the training entails and what are the options on offer upon completion of training. Then came the fun part - what the job he was doing now entails. He showcased his previous projects and the inside stories of his dealing with clients. The bit about what the employers expect was very good. Some gem there.

What was refreshing was the fact he admitted that he is still trying to learn while continuing to have fun. There are a lot of people out there who felt that education stops with graduation of their first degree. Education is a life-long process. If only some of the doctors realise that, than my job at training them would be that much easier …..

All in all, well done Ramesh. His entry on the event can be found here.