Idlan and his asthma was really driving everybody nuts at times. We tried changing the beddings and pillows. No change. We got rid of the cats. He was still sneezing. We spend a small fortune on air purifiers and special ‘suck all’ vacuum. No luck. We even change out bedroom into a newly renovated space. He was still coughing at night. The funny thing was, the coughing seemed to disappear when we stayed at either our apartment in PD or the kampong house in Kuala Kangsar. The difference was night and day. We were convinced then that it must be something about the house or the room. It was on the same level as the main kitchen for a start. That will need sorted out.

We will start renovating our old room, turning it into a new living and study room. We will move some of the clutter from the bedroom out and hopefully get some fresh air in. We have got some new furnitures in as well. We also got a new LCD TV, and will connect a new ASTRO system in there - b’yond of course. Since it would be separate to the bedroom, I would be able to enjoy some football without bothering my in-laws in the main living room. I will be taking pictures on the renovation everyday to see the change!

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