Seafood at Kuala Sungai Baru

As soon as we decided to head for Melaka, one thing that came out of Anita's mouth was seafood. She wanted to go to Serkam, but that will be out of the way from Port Dickson. Our driver, Pak Cik Sufian, originally from Melaka had another idea. Apparently, he knew of a similar place near his kampung, which is halfway between us and Melaka.

On the way back after our outing in Melaka - which I will blog in another entry - we made a stop at Kampung Kuala Sungai Baru, which is near Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM). He grew up there and his sister and relatives still lived at the kampung. The place was only open after 6 pm, so he made some calls, and by the time we reach the place, just before Maghrib, the food was already on the table for us! All we needed to do was eat! Just as well.

Fresh sea prawns. You can taste the sweetness still.Seafood-filled fried tauhuIkan goreng tiga rasa - delish!The place is a small complex, converted from an old jetty. The fish and seafood were brought in the same day, and cooked fresh at the restaurant. Since most visitors liked to pick their own fish, it will involve a slight wait for the food to be ready. Since Pak Cik Sufian sorted the food early for us, we just sat down and enjoyed. The particular restaurant was apparently best at the area - there are a few more fancy ones just across the bridge. It was comfortable, in an open air setting by the jetty overlooking the Straits of Malacca. They had TV, and very clean toilets and surau. The challenge was to drive in, since I must say, I would have probably missed the entrance - all it said from the main Kuala Linggi road - M143 - was ‘Kompleks Ikan Bakar Kuala Sungai Baru’. I don’t think you will find it on any of the GPS system. If you are interested, it’s 2.353887, 102.033762.

If you fancy, you can have your food outdoors.The food were really fresh, and the fish was best enjoyed with some nasi lemak. We had fried squid - highly recommended - and ikan masa tiga rasa. All the standard seafood were there, but it will be at the mercy of what caught on the day. In terms of cooking style, it may lack the variety of Kuala Selangor, but still well worth a visit.

Sorry about the quality of the snaps as they were taken using my iPhone 4. The quality was not as good in low light I'm afraid.

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