More Pavilion Christmas

It has long become customary for us to venture out on the the evenings on the eve of holidays. Yesterday evening was no exception although Irfan decided to stay at home. He went out for lunch with Anita and the family, so he was a bit tired. Idlan came with us. We went to Pavilion for dinner. The initial plan was to catch a movie, but nothing really caught our fancy. Instead, we explored the much touted Christmas decor up there. It has been up for the last couple of weeks. In fact I ventured there once and took some pictures, although the complete repertoire were not erected yet.

Look at the curtains. I wouldn't mind one!There were mainly a couple of places worth visiting there. Let’s start with the main foyer. It was transformed into raws of small stalls, themed around Christmas. Rather going for the winter grotto look a la 1Utama - which I will blog later - they went for a more green outlook with tall Christmas trees, adorned with ornaments and lights. The stalls were nothing special compared to the ones in 1Utama, but the spirit was there. The main stage was still quite empty. Apparently, in the coming weeks, there will be a small grotto, with Santa making an appearance.

The second place to head to would be the Bukit Bintang entrance. It was filled with fake snow and there were Christmas trees, complete with icicles. The main fountain was also decorated with Christmas themes. Since we were early, we missed what was supposed to be ‘snowfall’ at 8 pm. We didn’t stay for too long as Irfan was at home, but the decors themselves were worth a visit. I should’ve taken a video of the place to be honest.

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