KLIMS 2010 - The Rest

I want that hair!After writing about the good and the bad, I thought I might as well mention the rest of the goings-on at the exhibition. The first thing which strike me was the number of people lugging their dSLR around the place. Of course, there were female models to be photographed. They were certainly willing to have their photo snapped up, and flash were firing from all angle.

There were also plenty of nice - but expensive food - available to buy, all strategically located. There were also plenty of young couples carrying babies in prams walking around, which made for a nice change. There was a few side-shows taking place, a comedy act from abroad was there at one of the foyer. There was also the obligatory lucky draw - the winner will get to drive home a Toyota Prius.

Will I go again next year should this be an annual event. Most definitely, as I like exhibitions and I would like to do my bit in supporting the local events. I wished that the venue would be more suitable traffic-wise and the entrance fees were less steep. They could also do with a more aggressive promo rather than rely on the mass media to do the talking. Some sort of roadshow would have been great!

The most impressive presence for me was definitely Proton. They certainly made a clear effort to make the motor show a success. The general acceptance of the vast choice of green technology was also great, couple with the news that hybrid vehicle will in the future enjoy some level of tax benefit. The Toyota Pruis would set you bacy arounf RM 140K which I thought was very reasonable.

The rather nice looking ElgrandI would also like to recall a conversation I had with a Nissan salesperson when I was refused the chance to sample the latest incarnation of Elgrande. He initially claimed that it was off-limits as not to disappoint the local in case the market version later would be of different spec to the one on show. I told him, the public nowadays were more savvy. There are internet and forums to find those details out and the main reason why the public attend motor shows were to get their hands dirty, soil the seats and sample the product first hand. Denying them this chance was plainly insulting. After a while, he admitted that the current model may not be available to the general public and the reason why there were on show was just to please their more senior executives. That I thought was brutally honest, and for that reason, I will not publish his name …..

Hmmm! Chicken Hut ke Pizza Hut?I spend two hours there, and I was glad that I did. At least this writer agreed with me.