Expansion on the Private Wing

I went to review a patient in the private ward first thing this morning - karching! The ward itself is being renovated and a new ward is being opened on the 9th floor to supplement the couple on the tenth.

Certainly the private rooms appear nicer and more organised but I still can't see myself managing my cancer patient up there. The commitment needed maybe too much as things may go wrong in the middle of the night and I will be unable to give full attention to them and my current workload on UMMC side. I don't want anyone to lose out. Referals should not be an issue. So is outpatient clinics.

The only way I can see myself looking after private inpatients would be to do a complete overhaul and leave UMMC. You can never say never but I am quite content with what I am and planning to do in te near future. So, for the moment, there will be many more trips to see referral cases but that's about it.

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