Irfan's Birthday Party

Suraiya enjoying her foodIt was a bit of a drama last night with taking Irfan to the Casualty and all. He was much better when he woke up this morning but with a slight temperature. But energy level was good. He was eager to attend his party. However the first order of business was a quick follow-up at the Gleneagles to see how he is.

Nice cutleryThe party was planned to start at 11, but we only managed to get to the Casualty at 9.45. Luckily we were able to finish everything by 10.30 and arrived at Bangsar Village 5 minutes before the party. Thanks God, the staffs at Fit For 2, where we had the party was efficient and everything was ready to go.

The cake was waitingWe did not invite many guests. Just the grandparents, aunties, uncles and first cousins. All 25 of us all together, enough to bring the place down. We arranged for the food and cakes to be at Fit For 2, followed by a trip across to the indoor playground and Kiz Sports. Unfortunately, a couple of the cousins were not well and can't join in at the playground. The ones that did however were ecstatic.

Running around with his light saberHowever, Irfan's mood was not very good through out. He still got the temperature and he was not keen to cut the cake. We therefore took the cake back home later and had that at home. The food for the kids at the arty was excellent and I ended nibbling most of them. The mini-pizza and macaroni was excellent. The hit however was root gala. I had chili corn carne, but since I had to buzz around, I ended up having them cold. Was not nice. The rest of the food was OK.

After hanging around at the gym, we finally left by 1.30. Irfan and Idlan enjoyed the light saber they had courtesy of Mami Julia. They were running around with it outside the gym, hitting each other! The slideshow of the event was uploaded here.

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