Irfan in Hospital

Irfan's fever came back and he has been vomiting recently. I was worried since he only just completed a course of antibiotics. With the persistent cough, pneumonia was a certain concern. Therefeore I took him to see his Paediatrician and as expected, Irfan will need some blood tests, Xray and intravenous antibiotics. The best way is to get him admitted.
Irfan showing off his battle scar
I was not really concerned financially as Irfan has insurance. Everything should be covered. He tolerated the Xray, IV lines and blood taking, but the only thing got him screaming was nebulisers. My God, did he scream. I thought I can talk him into having one after a chicken pie and candies. Boy, was I wrong? Luckily he was not wheezy and the nebuliser was to get him to cough out more of the phlegm. Puan Anita was busy getting things organised as she will be staying with Irfan in the hospital. I will be moving back to Taman Setia with Idlan during the hospital stay.
Finally settled and tucked inAnother concern was their Grandfather that was not well since Monday. Things looking rather hectic with Monday being the start of a new month and a new set of Medical Officers in my Unit. I don't think I can afford to be absent Monday as I have plenty of paperwork to do. Hopefully Irfan's and his Grandfather's illness will settle soon.


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