A Different Start

Since starting off this blog a year ago, I often recieved emails from readers disappointed that they did not find much at all about chemotherapy and cancer. I then had to write back to explain to them that thus is a personal blog and personally I was not really keen to be reminded of work during my free time. Maybe I should've picked a different title but it was catchy and I liked it. I decided since the end of last year that maybe another outlet is needed for people looking for medical information, more with a layman's twist.

After months of planning, I was finally happy with a format. It's bit perfect. It will be hosted in Squarespace - getting a discount for a second account. It will be bilingual as currently resources for Malay medical reading material is seriously lacking. The skeleton and framework for the site was already built and I have started to populate the content. It will take many moons before it will be barely adequate but I am sure I will hey there. I decided to do away with emblems and speeches and head straight to the point. Maybe in the future I will get my medical students to help. You have to start somewhere.