In the rain

I was stuck in the car in front of the house when I wrote this. I was back into the swing of things with the Dad doing very well. In fact they are starting his warfarin again today at half dose. Hopefully no more mishaps. I wa also planning to buy a monitoring device where I jut need a pin prick to check how thin his blood was to guide the warfarin dosing.

The Unit had a full afternoon program today with the afternoon CME sponsored by Pfizer. I also did a talk on febrile neutropenia for the new set of MOs. That was followed by a session with medical students. Puan Anita visited Dad earlier but I was unable to accompany her due to my busy schedule.

I think Dad should be back home by early next week. We were certainly already making plans for him at home, to make surethat he will not need to climb up and down the stairs. It also looked like we will be movig back to Taman Setia while he recovers.