Lunch at Yo! Sushi

What should I order?We went out to Pavilion earlier today since I thought we could all do with some retail therapy after what has been going on in the last week. I firstly went to visit Dad and did a quick visit to my transplant ward before having a nice 'daun pisang' lunch with Anita. It was not often that the two of us were left alone. Irfan called while we were eating and told us he wanted to have some fried rice at Yo! Sushi. Why not eh?

I can explain the miso and the MSG, but this drink? I wonder why the boys like it.True to form both Idlan and Irfan finished their portion of fried rice. Idlan wanted me to feed him using chopsticks. That took twice the time it should but he wanted to try. Looking at Idlan, Irfan also wanted likewise. The important thing was their appetite was good. We had a lot to be thankful for.

Both of them finished up an order each .... well done!By the fountain laterThen come the time for shopping. Puan Anita was looking for some dress as there were a couple of reunion events coming up soon. Irfan wanted a new light saber. He has already got the red (Darth Maul), blue (Obiwan Kenobe) and orange (some random Jedi character). Now he wanted Yoda's green. Puan Anita duly obliged. Spoilt!

Hopefully Dad will be home in the next couple of days. That will bring things back to normalcy somewhat. We have moved most of out stuffs back to Dad's place. I have yet however to move my iMac. I'll probably do it next weekend. In the meantime, I had to be content with my MacBook Pro.

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