Smart Tag!

It was one of those days that did not start off well. On the way to work, while queuing on the Smart Tag lane, a Proton cut off in front of me. I don't mind that. The problem was, it then had issues with the toll plank. It came up with a notice 'Hubungi Plaza' and we ended up in a long queue. I felt like smashing the windows in. The car behind me was really giving him grief. It took about 30 seconds for the attended to come across and another 30 to get him going. The honk was funny!

Ward round and visit by a trial sponsor ensued, followed by tutorials, lunch and a clinical sessions with the MMed candidates. The session went well although we can tell that the candidates was not well prepared. After all, the exam was so that the theory will be conducted first in around 4 weeks followed by a month gap for which those that passed the written will attend the clinical exams. The clinicals will be conducted in UM. That was enough to send shivers down their spine as traditionally, it was harder to pass in UM. That was just rumours though. Ne'er clinically proven!

We also had some bad news today in which the husband of the chief clerk at the Medical Department passed away today. Apparently it was not expected even though he had heart troubles and was on dialysis, he was pretty OK. Didn't really know what happened. Will catch up on the gossips tomorrow I am sure. In the meantime, the Revision Course was really kicking. The sessions so far have been going OK. The shame was I can't organise a mock exam for this lot since they were far to many of them. It was just impossible. If I were to go ahead, I'd probably only finished by 9 pm. And we don't want that!