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Tucking inSince I was grounded for the weekend, I went through some old pics and came across a series of photos during lunch at Chinoz, The Gardens. We were more familiar with the outlet at KLCC, with its cozy seating overlooking KLCC park. The boys love the pizza and tea over there. When we were shopping at The Gardens the other day, we decided to try this out. As usual, the boys asked for pizza and tea. I had my rocket salad, while Puan Anita wanted to sample the meatballs. Why meatballs? Previously when we went to the cinema at the Gardens - GSC if I’m not mistaken on the fourth floor - she ordered some meatballs and it was really good. We noticed that there was no kitchen at the cinema and the waiter did make an order through the phone. We wondered if it was from here.

Idlan looked really happy to have his teaTaking turnsMy salad - rocket, avocado and mozzarellaThe ambiance was unique since the outlet sits right I the middle of one of the main atrium, where the light coming from the top lit up the place pretty nicely. The downside is, everybody from the upper floors just need to look down to see you eat ….. We didn’t mind though and the seating was arrange spaciously with comfortable sofa. We made our order, and it came pretty quickly. The restaurant was half-full at the time.

The tea came first, followed by my salad. The salad was nice, similar to the one at KLCC. However, Puan Anita was disappointed that the meatballs was not what she had hoped for. The last one to come was the pizza. The pizza was fresh, and the ingredient I can imagine was top notch. But compared to the KLCC outlet, the cheese was not as tangy and the tomato was a bit on the sour side. Otherwise, there was not much to say. I think I made the mistake of ordering the Chinoz mocktail. It tasted of syrup.

Here comes the pizzaMeatballs!

Will we come again? I wouldn’t mind dropping by during a spot of shopping for a quick drink. For lunch, I would have still preferred Alexis on the first floor. The pizza and pasta there was nicer and we love the cushion seatings by the entrance there. Access to the carparks from both restaurant was simple. The only thing was the toilet. There was no space to wash hands at the restaurant and one had to go out and use the Gardens facilities. Unfortunately on the ground floor where Chinoz was located, the nearby toilet was of the premium variety. It would set you back RM5 to enter, but free if you have show them an RM100 receipt, Isetan or Robinsons store card, or any platinum credit card, which is rather silly. Suffice to say, we got all four of those listed above on the day ;).

MidValley - May 2009

chinoz @ THE GARDENS - G212, Ground Floor, THE GARDENS Mid Valley, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-2287 8277

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