I solved that!During my time off, I was reacquainted with a long lost friend. It used to be a craze when I was in Primary School. It was the Rubik’s cube. I used to be able to solve it, with the help of some instructions of course. I remember guarding the sheets of papers with dear life. Being able to solve the cube will certify you as a genius of course, and I was really proud to show the skills off to whoever keen to humour me.

Well, more than 25 years on, we came across the cube while shopping at Pavilion a few weekends back and Idlan wanted to buy one. It was one of those high tech ones which tearing them open did not mean breaking them. You just need to twist the cube a certain way and the bits will open up easily. It also came with instructions on how to solve it but unfortunately it was more like literal translation from Mandarin into English. So, some of the parts were hit and miss. After spending the first couple of weekend solving the cube by breaking it and putting it back together, I decided to follow whatever instruction I can understand from the sheet, and ……. Ta-daaaa. I was a genius again!

SInce my isolation weekend, I can’t stop playing with it, and was now damn addicted to it! Help!