Last week and the weekend especially, I was occupied with the photographs I took during the last ASEAN Federation of Haematology. The meeting took place at the KL Shangri-La, starting on the Thursday until the Saturday. To top it off, we had a public education session for patients and caregivers living with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML), hosted by the MaxFamily, a patient support group which I was privileged to be involved in. More about that in another entry.

A couple of weeks back, the then Society President, Dr Ng Soo Chin, a Consultant Haematologist in SJMC - now called SDMC of course - asked me if I can bring my camera along, just as I did a couple of years ago. He wanted me to take pictures of the events and later post them on the society website. I thought why not. It will also give me the time to use all the faculties I own, the camera of course, Lightroom to manage my workflow, then uploading them onto the SmugMug website and utilising the excellent flash slideshow system, posted them as web snippets on my site.

It went without a hitch, apart from a downtime on the part of SmugMug on the first day. Once the photos were up, a direct click on the photos will take them onto the SmugMug site and from there, it was possible to download the photographs for free. The resolution was good. The lighting inside the hall proved to be a challenge as there were purple tinge on the lighting system they used. Getting the right white balance proved to be tricky. The first morning was occupied with accompanying the VIP’s visit to the Pharmaceutical booths. Once that was done, it was back to the lecture halls. I caught some of the morning lectures and they were excellent, although can be rather overwhelming and technical to the non-Haematology inclined.

It was similar routine on the second and third days. I had to do the ward round on the Friday morning, plus the Friday afternoon, we had our Society AGM followed by an evening lecture and dinner. As I mentioned, the on the Saturday afternoon, I was one of the panelist for the MaxFamily session, more about that later. Off to UIA this morning to meet with a Masters Student there who I supervise. Luckily, the campus was only a 10 minute drive from my home. 

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