Closed for the Weekend

I think Puan Anita got my virus from the other week. She has been having fever since Wednesday, which only subsided after she sneaked out for some antibiotics yesterday. She would not dare tell me since me being a doctor and she knows my feeling about antibiotics. This being a virus, antibiotics was a definite no-no! She felt better after the dose yesterday, but still having aches in her body, and so was Irfan.

A quick car rideFeeling better, she needed to pick some order up that she made some time ago from The Curve, so we went out there with Idlan for lunch. Idlan wanted to go to Marche, and without Irfan, he was really happy with all the attention. Today being Labour Day, the crowd was heavier than usual, but since we got there before noon, parking was easy. Idlan wanted to go straight for lunch. I had my usual well-done rib-eye steak, but unfortunately it was done too well. It was dry and almost black ….. Better remember not to ask it to left on the grill for too long!

My very well done steakAfter lunch was done, quick shop, then back home as Irfan did not want to eat. We ordered Domino’s for delivery when we got home for him, and some toys. I think we need to stay n this weekend, which was a shame since I was free for the couple of days and the weather was gorgeous. I will be at work next Sunday, and was working last Saturday. I might sneak out to check on the KL Design Week tomorrow, as a few of my KLickrs friends were involved in the exhibition over at CapSquare. Then it will be a nail-biter of an evening with Liverpool playing Chelski, followed by United at Sunderland. It the results did not go our way tomorrow, Chelski would be crowned Champions. Let’s hope not eh!

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