Dinner at Thistle

Strolling around the poolWe got ready to leave Port Dickson just after Maghrib. As Mother’s Day will be the day after, and with my Mum and wife on tow, I decided to treat them for dinner. We took off to Thistle.

Leaving our apartmentNormally, we visit Thistle for either lunch or afternoon tea. This was the first time we turned up for dinner there - the last time being a Ramadhan Buffet does not count! The boys wanted the children’s menu that they do there - fish and chips called ‘Little Mermaid, and chicken nuggets which I forgotten what it was called. While waiting for the food, it being a long day, the boys were expectedly grumpy. Usually, we get to sit by the children area where there things to get them occupied. Unfortunately those seats were taken because we were late. I took Irfan for a stroll around the swimming pool instead.

Checking into the restaurantFish + alphabet chips = 'Little Mermaid'We were fortunately served by this kind young gentleman called Stephen for the evening. He got the children’s food ready in double quick time and offered us to take the desserts from the buffet even though we ordered a la cart. It turned out that he was the outlet manager, hence the prompt friendly service. Even without him, as far as I can remember, the service there was never that bad. However, since we never really spent a night here, I really can’t comment about the service. Looking through the review, it has been a mixed bag. There were more negatives and positives since the new owner took over - it used to be called Guomon, but lately that has changed.

Irfan reaching for his nuggetWhat I liked about the place is the family-orientated service. They have a separate kids area - called Kid’s Zone - where you can take your child to play in a padded ball room. There were also video shows and games for children. There was of course the separate menu for children I mentioned before. The usual gripe I have about the place is the lack of lifts. There was only a single lift taking us from the lobby to the restaurants, which during peak times can be an issue. The lobby however was really nice and roomy. I was hoping for a conference to be held here for a long time in order to sample the services first-hand.


For the evening, I had some salad and pizza. The children were thrilled with their food and finished them. The local menu was not that bad either, with my Mum having some fried rice. I had steak there before - which I remembered being on the dry side, but with really nice salad and accompaniment. Price? A little steep for PD standard, but very reasonable if you regularly eat out in KL. Very affordable. This being Mother’s Day weekend, why not have a treat. After all, my credit card offered a 'Mother's Day' discount ….