Wedding in Butterworth

My cousin, Ghouse had his wedding reception yesterday in Butterworth. Since the boys and Puan Anita was still tired from the birthday party the day before, I drove up there with my parents. We left KL pretty early, with a couple of stops on the way up, the first being at Tapah for breakfast. We went straight to my Aunt’s place in Sungai Petani, before attending the wedding at about 2pm.

The wedding was held at a hall, and frankly speaking, it was more suitable for a meeting than a wedding reception. The lay out of the room were pretty long and narrow, making access a bit of an issue. I think my Aunt underestimated the number who showed up, exaggerating the issue. It made the hall seemed full even though it was not up to capacity yet. The food however was nice, unfortunately, they have run out of ais kacang by the time I reached the stall. Mee goreng was also about to finish, so I decided to go for the rice as well.

To cut a long story short, Ghouse being the only child, everybody from the clan turned up. My sister can’t make it, but I brought her son, Imran (spot the theme - Imran, Idlan, Irfan) along with us. My grandmother was there, but she has clearly lost a lot of weight. Mind you she suffered a stroke 8 years back and was unable to talk and move the right side of her body. But I never remembered her being this thin. We spent to rest of the time catching up with relatives. My Dad was especially happy since most of his childhood friends were there. All of them had a story to tell, and oh Boy, did they not want to tell me stories about my Dad when he was a lad growing up!

We finally made our exit just after 4, driving back to KL. The traffic was considerably heavier on the way home. We made a couple of stops at Bukit Merah and Sungai Perak for some food and titbits. I will be taking Monday off and planning to take the boys to watch a bit of Shrek!

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