Evening Out

This was where they shot the DiGi commercial on TVPuan Anita wanted to order her ‘baju Raya’ for the year, even though Aidilfitri is about 3 months away. She had it all planned and after work, we went over to The Curve for her to have a look at one of the shops there. There were a few baju kurung which caught her eye during previous visit. Since Irfan is now much better from his fever, we decided to have some dinner outside and some fresh air.

Idlan waiting for his pizzaPuan Anita's kerang rebusThe Curve in the eveningThis was a chance to take the 7D out. Decided to take the zoom instead of my customary 50mm f1.4, and try out the higher ISO setting. The output was actually just as expected although I would still prefer the f1.4. All the photos were taken at ISO 3200. Not bad!

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