More scouting

The unmistakeable Kompleks Dayabumi - Petronas used to operate from here prior to the Twin TowersNow that we sort of like had the general idea of where to head for on the upcoming Kelby’s Photowalk, it was my turn to do another scout, to avoid any surprises so to speak. All in all, it was a very promising route, but it will need some refinements, and luck for good weather.

The starting pointAs proposed, we will be setting off from Central Market. I imagine on a Saturday morning, at 10, CM will still be quiet. I will later scout for a restaurant for us to congregate. Maybe some of us will be having breakfast there. There was a small market there today on the main walkway. Apparently according to one of the vendors, it happens there every weekend morning. From my observation, there was not very much to see there. Maybe we will walk around the area for a start before setting off to the train station.

The weekend market next to the CM.... selling all sortsFor there, we will cross a small bridge towards Kompleks Dayabumi where we will pass throguh the car park. I suggest we park there. It was indoors and costs RM2.50 per entry. The entrance is rather tricky since you have to be driving from Dataran Merdeka to get to the entrance. Through the car park, into the small shopping area at the Kompleks, we will emerge on the other side. A right turn from here will take us to Dataran Merdeka. We will instead take a left towards the old Train Station. It has now been converted into Komuter station, and part of the terminal building has been renovated int a hotel, Heritage Hotel. I will need to talk to the hotel management to see if there is any worthwhile access through the hotel, in case it leads into anywhere near the old platform. If so, that will be ace!

There is a beaten path from CM to Dayabumi, along an underpass, then across a pedestrian bridgeThis will take us straight into the carpark - I propose we park here, but public transport is of course would be betterAn exit from the carpark will lead us here. Straight down would be Dataran Merdeka but first we will head in the oposite direction.We will then reach the old train stationAn underground pass will then take us towards the KTM office right opposite. We will then move towards Dataran Merdeka, passing by Masjid Negara. Maybe more photo op there. Past Bukit Aman, we will soon reach Dataran Merdeka, Bangunan Sultan Sallehuddin - the old High Court - and the famous flagpole. Maybe we will spend a few moments here.

Fancy a quick drink?Brought back childhood memories this. Used to take the train from Penang to reach KL, and this was were we alight.Under another pedestrian underpass to reach the KTM Office buildingPassing by Masjid Negara, we will then head towards Dataran MerdekaA short walk round the corner will take us towards Lebuh Ampang. This is where the old KL meets new, with plenty of restored shop front. There will be a few Mamak restaurants, McDonald’s, Burger King and 7-Eleven to stock up or stop for lunch. We will also be passing by Masjid Jamek - the real centre of Kuala Lumpur for more photo op! Central Market - where we set off was also just round the corner.

Dataran Merdeka and the famous clubhouseThe pole needed no introductionThe Masjid Jamek forming the real center of Kuala Lumpur - where Sg Kelang and Sg Gombak met. There are plenty of restaurants near here for lunch.From here we might linger around a bit longer around Lebuh Ampang or head towards Chinatown, depending on our mood. We might already be tired by then, or filled up our memory cards …..

There will be a lot of things to photograph. A renovated shop front.Colourful and contrasting buildings - disclaimer, taken with a 7DFreedom of expressionCongregation of foreign workersKuala Lumpur welcomes youAll this scouting was done in under an hour believe it or not!I will need to scout this area more specifically to finalise the route to take to Chinatown, or even if it will be worth the trip considering the time we will be arriving there which will be right after lunch. Will update more as the time nears. Everyone are welcomed to join in on the photowalk scheduled for Saturday 24th July. For further information about the walk and how to join, please visit here. A more thorough walkthrough can be seen on my flickr set. Slideshow for this scouting mission can also be seen here. Again, all the photos here were taken using a mobile phone unless otherwise indicated.