Trip to Lumut

Spend the afternoon giving a talk at a workshop in Lumut. It will just be an overnight stay. Expect to be real tired by the time I reach KL tomorrow.

Upon reaching Teluk Intan, I was surprised at how many more kilometers I have to driveI left KL just after 8. It was a 4 hour drive up. I left the PLUS highway off Bidor, then headed towards Teluk Intan and Sitiawan. The drive was not that bad. At least not as bad as I imagine it was going to be. It was raining when I reach the venue - Swiss Garden Damai Laut. First order of business, to check in. The organiser did the sensible thing in outsourcing the event management to the professionals. The checking in was smooth, everything went through like clockwork.

It had been raining all afternoon.... but the pool still looked temptingThen it was lunch. A pretty standard affair. I was starving anyhow, so I can't really complaint. It was really raining heavily then, so I just stayed in my room until it was time to register for the talk. I'll blog about the talks at the UMMC website rather.

So, it was just after Maghrib. It was too cloudy for a sunset pic. Waiting for dinner at the moment. Will blog more later.

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