Balloon Time

We headed out to Pavilion tonight for dinner. Idlan wanted to have fried rice at Yo Sushi!, and I needed to go to a bookstore. Took us a bit longer than expected due to the heavy traffic of people leaving KL for the school holidays. We finally reached Pavilion after one and a half hour.

The poster mentionedLife sizedAnxiously waiting for his turn - all strapped-up of courseUp he wentWith everybody looking onWebsite on the organiser's shortWhen we reached there, we noticed that there were plenty of balloon around. Then we read a notice, apparently there is a balloon art festival going on at the main foyer. Apart from the balloon sculpture, the main attraction was an indoor balloon ride. There is a big floating balloon - tethered of course with can lift a child. For a small fee - apparently you have to spend RM200 to be eligible for the ride, you can have your child harnessed on a chair strapped underneath the balloon, and being lifted up in the air. It can actually go quite high - around 10 meters. The child will obviously be strapped tight, complete with helmets in order to take the ride. A pretty nifty thing if the child can stomach it. As for Idlan - no way! There was also the usual clowns and balloon artists walking around entertaining the children. From the signs, the event started today and will go on until the 15th of this month - June.

Stay away from my handroll!Idlan amused with the way his dinner being preparedThen came time for dinner. Off we went to Yo Sushi. Learned the other day that it will be closed later this month. So, no more Yo for the boys then. No more fried rice there. After a nice dinner, we then had a stroll outside the center. There was a live jazz band playing by the fountain at the main entrance. Played sweet jazz rendition of popular songs. Awesome stuffs. After 10 minutes or so, the boys wanted some drinks, and as usual, Irfan wanted some ice latte from Starbucks. We went in, ordered some and the barista was surprised that Irfan did the ordering, “one ice latte please!”. The guy behind the counter asked, “are you sure?”. Yes, the boy’s a coffee-drinker, while Idlan loved English Breakfast tea. Spoilt!

Proper live music - Yeah!Coffee in hand, we left for the car park. Irfan took a good hour to calm down from the caffein, but did so and has already been fast asleep. Going through the snaps I took with the 7D, I can’t get the punch and snaps I usually have from the SLR since I realised I turned off the RAW capture - silly boy! Off to bed soon. Ward round beckons tomorrow morning.

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