Return to Harrods

WelcomeI have a confession to make. In the last couple of months, I returned to Harrods at KLCC three times - four in Puan Anita’s case. We celebrated our parents anniversary there the other night, and recently, we went there to have afternoon tea and ended up having dinner instead - it was nearly 5.30 pm then. I feel I was in a better position to comment about the venue by now.

Yes, it kept up to its billing. The great service we had when I went there for the first time was not a one-off. We were treated very well and some of the waitresses even remembered Idlan and Irfan when we returned, which was nice. They knew which was our favourite table, and what we ordered when we were last there. And the great thing was, all the staffs there were local. Communication was never an issue, and so far, we have yet to get our order being messed up. The standard that they kept there was exemplary and I am sure it will be a challenge to keep it up.

Harrods at KLCC was located on the first floor of Suria, right by the middle escalators, on the same level as Godiva, which was the shop right next door to it. The entrance looked innocuous enough, mainly what appeared to be more of a souvenir shop at the front end. But if you walk further in, there was a minibar and then the door into the restaurant. There were I think only around 10 tables, and the seclusion added to its exclusivity. There are also balconies for the cigar smokers to hang around at, overlooking the KLCC Park and fountain - nicer in the evening. The table setting were proper English, complete with silverware and napkins. The toilets were also very clean, with hand towels provided for patrons.

My fruit cooler, mainly berry ....Irfan was clearly bored..... until the drinks arrivedThe much talked-about roast beef and Yorkshire puddingHow about the menu? Yes, it was pretty limited, maybe about 8 items for starters and only a couple of soup selection. There were not that many more for the mains. But what it lacked in quantity more than was made up quality-wise. Not just the first-rate waiter service, the food were cooked to your specification and were very nicely presented. The buns served before the starters were heavenly, coupled with the homemade butter. By now, my favourite entree was asparagus and cheese, while the mains was the seared cod. Puan Anita still preferred the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. I tried it once. Was not that excited. The boys obviously loved their English Breakfast Tea. We tend to order them fish and chis, which came in large portion. Idlan especially liked the tartar sauce which came with it. I was yet to discover my favourite drink here, a good excuse to come there again. As for the dessert, well, I have yet to sample them as either I was already too full, or the boys were already too hyper that I had to take them out for a walk. Usually it was the combination of the two.

Pictures of the main Harrods branch at Knightsbridge adorning the wallsPopping out at the balcony for some fresh airThe main drawback for the place - as you could imagine would be the cost. It is rather on the expansive side, but not too excessively so. Put it this way, the Chinese meal at Hotel Nikko or Mandarin Oriental were way more expansive than this place. Would I come here again? Of course. Who will I bring? Only Puan Anita and my boys - for now. I can’t afford to bring anybody else! Would I recommend it to anyone else? Definitely! If you have been to the real Harrods in London, you will definitely enjoy Harrods in KL.

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