Raya Decor at The Curve

It was three more weeks to Hari Raya. The shopping malls has started decorating their lobby for the occasion. Since the boys were ill last weekend, we did not have the chance to explore. Earlier on Sunday, after getting Irfan his haircut, we spent some time at The Curve.

Not a great vantage point to watch a show wasn't it?Neat lighting hanging down from the ceiling The main lobby was spruced up with a replica Malay kampung house. When we arrived there in the afternoon, there was a show going on. A Malay dance troupe were doing some traditional numbers. The replica house was complete with old bicycles and a antique motor car. Unfortunately the house itself was not open to the public.

Antique car and bicycle

The rest of the foyer was occupied with stalls selling clothes, cookies and other Hari Raya goodies. The stuffs were however rather expensive. Never the less, it was great fun browsing around. Initially Puan Anita wanted to have a look at the Sunday Market, but due to the hot weather, puasa and all, she decided otherwise.

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