Wedding in KB

The main event for the trip to KB was to attend a wedding. Wedding of Puan Anita’s cousin. Marrying another one of her cousin. Confused? Well, we were as well. The crowd had to be split into two, so that some remain at the house with the bride, while the other half with the groom!

This way

Anyhow, weather was gorgeous. Food was gorgeous. Bride was gorgeous. Everything went well. Irfan had some sniffles after the flight in, so we served him some flu medication. He was out for 3 hours while the wedding was going on. Less drama! The akad ceremony was held at the bride’s house earlier in the morning. After a short break, it was the actual wedding feast.

The Qadi doing the akadThe groom in Malay traditional dressLater in the after noon, the groom came for the bersandingThe bride at bersandingThe MC for the day belting out some local favouritesThe theme was blue, which was just as well as the boys were both in blue, so was Puan Anita. My batik had a shade - well, a couple of stripes of blue - so that was OK. There were a few tradition that I was not familiar with - we had Perak and Penang ceremony for my wedding. For example, rather than bertepung tawar, the visitors came over, dropped some cash on a collection vessel and embrace the host. The bersanding and all the rest were I was quite familiar with. Hmm! I should study more wedding I think - the real ones. The ones held in the kampongs with all the traditional regalia rather than the pseudo-modern ones held in KL at big hotels with Western-style reception. There’s so much to learn ….

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