After extending my stay in Sungai Petani and extra day with Julia joining us, we spent the day at a water park near Kelab Cinta Sayang, Carnivall. Yes, it was spelt with two Ls. It was a adventure park with two parts - a dry park called ‘Land of Excitement’ and the said water park - ‘Water of Excitement’, located next to each other. The water park represented a real value for money, with RM18 per adult entrance during weekdays - we were there on a Tuesday. It includes snacks and drinks - so remember to redeem them with your entrance ticket! A combined ticket will set you back RM30.

The main entranceOne of the side attractions at the entrance - Meteor ImpakLet’s see what’s on offer. There were a few separate area to the water park, but the one we played in was the children wading pool, complete with waterslides and fountains - great fun. There was also a deeper pool forming a canal around the smaller pools where children can stay on floats while the parents paddle away and push them around. Good stuff as well. There was also a bigger - adult-only I supposed - slide three stories tall. Didn’t get to try that one. Puan Anita wouldn’t let me.

The children - all five of them - Idlan, Irfan, Imran, Nana and Aliya spent about a couple of hours in and out of the pool, taking chips and drinks in between. It was great fun. The whole park was clean and well-maintained. The changing area was spacious and children friendly. They could do however with more food vendors as the queue for the free food was rather long, and it was not a particularly busy day. I wonder how they cope during peak times. Maybe they have more staffs on the day.

Imran and his Dad, Salleh, trying out the canal and flotsThe beachfrontFood time!The wading pool was children-friendly although I would advice supervision as there was no dedicated lifeguard at this particular area. There were plenty of seating areas in huts around the pools. On the day, there was also a clown going around entertaining children and organising water games for the teenagers. We will definitely head there again with the children the next time we go balik kampung in Sungai Petani.

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