Plaza Damas

Spent the afternoon at Hartamas Shopping Center today. Mum-in-law travelled back to Kuala Kangsar for an overnight stay, leaving us lot to stay with Dad. He went to a kenduri for lunch, so the afternoon meal was sorted out.

The festive decorations were still upAnita was still bothered about not getting a new set of swimming gear for the boys, so she had to go out looking for them. Since we were due to get new Wii games for them, we decided to head here.

Where we had lunch

For lunch, we stopped at the branch of Penang Village here and oh boy, it was disappointing. I will write an entry about that when I get home, but suffice to say, we would probably avoid the place in the future.

Picking up some chicken pie for teaWhile waiting for Anita to finish up her shopping, we hung around at the Kidz Zone play area. The boys needed to burn off some energy. We had to get them to bed early tonight as school will start in a couple of days. Good luck to us.

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