Sports Day

I remember during my school days, be it primary or secondary, Sports Day was a big deal. I was a keen sportsman when I was young, sprinting as wells games. Therefore, there was a clear reason why I love sports days.

Yesterday, it was Sports Day for Sri Utama. There, the sports events seems to have taken a back seat, as the main highlights during day was of cheerleading and marching. Both the boys were involved, and it was havoc. Idlan went first with his house marching. He was at the front on the queue and I can only catch a glimpse of him when he was jumping. Irfan and his kindergarten group came last. He was not very pleased as he had to wait in the sun. Children these days ....

Last year event took place at the school ground. They had a few constructions going on there, so the event this year was at the UIA Sports Complex, a proper stadium, complete with running tracks.

Since the were still young, they did not have any serious events. Irfan had telematch in which everybody won medals. Idlan participated in a 25m x 4 relay. He was the second runner and was more happy staring at his baton, than sprinting to the finish. He came third and missed out on the medal. Suffice to say that he was not that impressed when Irfan showed him his medal.

I was asked to give away the medals for the kindergarten boys and girls. Since I know most of Irfan's classmate from his birthday party, they were right confused when I gave away the medals.

It was getting warm by the time we were ready to go. The sun was bright and the children were getting restless. We left by about 11, heading to The Curve for lunch after a quick change.