The flight in

The flight in went very smoothly. A lot gave to do with the 737-800 that I took. The leg room on the plane was smaller than the usual 737 but the overhead compartments for storage appeared much bigger. Suffice to say that the plane was designed for short hop such as KUL-Singapore sector where one tended to take carry-ons onto the cabin. The passengers also tended to be the business type which prefer everything simple.

We landed in the rain and as usual, I was expecting a bumpy descent. It was cloudy, so I couldn't see much of the approach, but before long, I saw the famous Marina Bay Sands appearing on my window. An overcast day, so I couldn't really see much. The next thing I knew, we were already on the ground. In the future, I will definitely go for the 737-800 should I need to fly a short hop.

Immigrations and luggage pick-up was a breeze and by the time I landed, the driver was already waiting for me to me to Shangri-La which I will be staying at for the next three nights.