Journeying forward

The journey up from KL to Ipoh took me around 3 hours. It was raining all the way, not to mention a couple of accidents. But getting there in under 3 hours was not bad actually considering the rain and low visibility. Arriving there, I was too tired to go out for dinner. Even at the lounge. I had shower and ordered in.

By the time I finished with the food and unpacking, I was already half asleep. The TV showed some football, but with the combination of the rain outside and fatigue, dozing off was really easy.

I woke up this morning at around 6. Got ready to head to the college. This would be the third year running that I went to the Royal Medical College of Perak. The first time, I brought the boys and Anita around. Now that Idlan was in school, taking them along was never a plan.

This year also, there was only 26 students to invigilate. It was almost a hundred last year. Apparently they scaled down for that particular intake. The number will definitely be different next year. But I don't think I would be coming again then. The students will then travel down to KL to complete the rest of their Final MBBS exams at UM. Last year it was a convoy of three buses. It looked like it would be just a single one this time.

Since the exams were only in the morning, I have the afternoon off - there will be another paper tomorrow morning, following which I will be returning with some documents to UM. Finally I get to sleep at home. It would have been give straight nights. So what should I do this afternoon?