Cafe Stelle, Pavilion

During our outing at Pavilion last Saturday, we had tea at one of the cafe on the foyer of the complex. It was the second floor to be specific next to Godiva, meaning you would to go down a flight of stairs from the main Bukit Bintang entrance. The cafe was called Cafe Steele.

They serve mainly Western and Italian food. The salad and pasta were absolutely gorgeous. I ordered some mash potatoes and sausage for the boys, and the boys enjoyed then as well the food was fresh and the ambiance was also very nice. Of course, it was on the same floor with the posh outlets - I think it was directly in front of a Mount Blanc store.

I ordered salads and brochette. They were very well prepared and the dressing was very nice. But the hot chocolate that Irfan had was the highlight. He was still talking about it until this evening.

Certainly, I would visit the cafe again, but sparingly of course as the pricing there was rather steep. They also do special afternoon tea for two for RM58++. This was certainly highly recommended if you were out for a date.

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