Evening Talk

Would have updated the blog earlier if not for the TV. Was watching Air Crash Investigations. I know, a sick hobby. But what to do.

After a long day, I attended a dinner talk at KL Hilton earlier. Talk was delivered by a speakers from Naples - or Napoli as he called it. The speaker was OK but it was one of those awkward talk where the subject matter has been covered so many times and the information has become common knowledge, at least to my circle. The speaker said his piece but what we wanted to do was share experiences and ask him about his usual daily practice. What would he do faced with day to day patient care delivery, not what the latest publications was suggesting - not to mention the vast majority of my patients won't be able to afford those treatment anyhow.

The speaker took about an hour to cover his talk, and by the time he answered our queries 20 minutes later, everyone was becoming restless about their empty tummies already. I would rather be in a talk which lasted 30 minutes, but we were allowed 39 minutes for Q&A session. To be fair, the sponsor for the talk allotted 40 minutes for the speaker, but the speaker went overtime.

Dinner itself was nice though, and since it was buffet, it was "efficient", meaning, one can eat quickly and leave. The baked cod in soysauce was really succulent, and went for seconds. I finally reached home just after 10. I just finished reading my RSS feed and journals, it was time for bed. I just wished that the talk was less formal and that bit shorter. One have to go to work tomorrow .... At least it was not as bad as a colleague of mine from Kota Bharu who flew one just to listen to the talk and left right after......