MasterPACES Day One

As mentioned, it was a working weekend this time around. The occasion, MasterPACES MRCP course in Sungai Buloh Hospital. It would be the second time j was involved and as the name suggest, it was a preparatory course for the MRCP Clinical exam n

Ariff giving it as good as it gets

Today was the teaching day, where I spend the best part of threat taking the students in groups of four, who rotate around to my station for around 20 minutes. It was a long slog, starting from 9 am, only to finish around 5 pm. I was shattered when I arrived home. And tomorrow, I shall be back for another day. The second day however would be mainly a mock exam. Looking at the schedule, I should finish a bit earlier at just after 4 pm.

Will write some more after tomorrow's session.