Anjung Siber

A couple of months back, I was disappointed to see one of the badminton court at UMMC - the only one as it turned out as the other one was closed last year and turned into office space - closed for good. The space was turned into an Internet space for UMMC staff and was dubbed Anjung Siber. No it was not idea to give it such a lame name. 

The area was turned into rows of PC stations, all linked to the hospital LAN, but Internet enabled. We were able to surf even Flickr and Facebook - rather lake excuse to ban Facebook when even UM have a UM Facebook Page. I had a quick look at the space yesterday. Visited the blog, my Flickr space, YouTube and Facebook. Speed-wise, there was nothing to shout about - I get faster connection on my iPhone as a modem, although I was sure that the purpose of the space was merely to provide access. Unfortunately, I was not able to access the hospital Xray system from the terminals as I was hoping to be able able to email out some of the CT report to broached into my database. I was able to log into the blood results though.  

On the whole, I think having a dedicated space for staffs to surf the net was avoid idea. The place was not air-conditioned but as it was actually shaped like an airvent, it was not warm. There were fans to keep surfer comfortable. The space was pretty tight though. So if you were looking to do some work while surfing the net, this was not the place. The space was also of available to patients or visitor as you would need the hospital login to access the stations. If the purpose was to be able to surf the net and have a quick peek at your email account, then I guessed the space did its job.