All set

Anita was kind enough to do the packing for me last night. I was busy preparing the materials for the weekend meetings in Kuching. I would be taking a flight late this evening and would be leaving UMMC right after the Day Care. If everything going according to plan, I would be able to have a few hours at the airport to do some work as I was sure I would be tied up otherwise.

I would have to take the cleaning solutions for my cameras to Kuching as I did not manage to get everything ready. Initially I wanted to bring a couple if bodies with me, but after trying to fit everything into the camera bag, I settled for just the 7D, with a couple of lenses, the 17-55 and 50 prime. It should be able to cover most things. And of course the flashgun, a couple set of rechargeables and some extra memory card. I would be bringing the charges over as well of course.