Checking in

My flight into Kuching last night was delayed quite a bit and I ended up checking into Pullman Kuching just before midnight. The hotel was one of the new kid on the block. The lobby was spacious but ether empty. You can still smell the coating on the walls, it was so new.

Close to midnight, I just headed straight for the shower and unpacked. I was too tired to wait for the Barca-Real Champs League semi-final match. I fell asleep while doing done reading, and woke up after 7 this morning.

Another shower, and then breakfast. Since I was on the Executive Floor, breakfast was just a floor up at the Lounge. It was quite at the time I showed up and the spread there I was sure was a lot less than at the main kitchen, but minus the crowd of course.

I had a quick wonder around the exec lounge, there was free Internet station, some massage chair, plenty of coffee and drinks, spacious sofa with the TV showing CNN - the typical business types hanging around there. I wished there was a small gym here rather than having to head downstairs for the treadmill.

30 minutes passed before I headed back to the room. I still had some reading to do and some stuff to prepare, so better start cracking. My first engagement would be straight after lunch for the patient support group talk. Will blog about that later.