Rio time!

We had the chance to catch Rio earlier today, thanks to the effort of securing the tickets last night. We saw the first showing for the day and apart from two other families, it was just the four of us. That meant that the boys had license to walk around in front of their seats and made some noise.

The movie itself was great fun. Both the boys enjoyed it. Nice and easy story line, simple enough for them to follow while complex enough for the parents not to get bored. It was just as fun as Ratatouille but cuter. The songs were pretty fun too, as a couple of the main characters were from the Black Eyed Peas fame and Jamie Foxx. Nice.

After the show, we had to go look for birthday presents for Idlan's classmate. They have a party tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately - or fortunately rather - there were no 'Rio' themed toys out yet.

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