Cleaning Time

It was a shock for me when I arrived in the ward this morning for my ward round. All the patients had been moved around and things were stacked up at the corridors. A nightmare scenario wading through the ward as all the patients were squeezed into a small room. The main ward floor were being polished. Spring cleaning time!

In the last few years, since the major renovation were done on Menara Timur where my ward was located, we have had problems with infection. The renovation in the last year were directly below my ward. Since then, we had been doing regular cleaning and polishing - I think the major clean-up were being done every three months. The results from this intensive cleaning had been very good. It was rather inconvenient on the day though, but being clean is important!

I couldn't wait to get out from the ward with the noise from the machines, as well as the smell of the chemicals they poured onto the floor was driving me nuts. If I felt bad, imagine what it would be like as a patient?

Finished the rounds, and is now enjoying the air-conditioning in my room. Argh! Careful! I might fall asleep. Hunger is a potent inducer for sleep for me!

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