All this harping ons about Libya and the NATO agenda masked the real news of the day. It was not often that a visionary comes along and change the course of history. It may be through infamy - Hitler -, arts - Picasso -, Science - Einstein -, or sporting achievement - Mokhtar Dahari -, or leadership - George Bush - errrrr, I made some of them up.

Steve Jobs gone jobless and resigned as CEO of Apple, a company he started with 'the Woz' and another bloke who gave up his share soon after - thinking that the company was heading nowhere, mistake of the century if you ask me. Although he resigned to become the Chair of the Board, reading between the line, his cancer relapse had taken its toll, and he did the sensible thing by stepping down. Within an hour o the announcement, the Apple stock took a 5% dive.

It was clearly a sad day, at least for me. I have unashamedly claimed to be an Apple fanboy. I have the iMac, MBP, Mac Air, a couple of iPads, the iPhone, a few iPods etc. I used Mac exclusively in my working life as well as blogging and photography. It had made me very productive in doing my daily chores, and it was not just the hardware element. It was the integration of hardware, software and its tactile relationship. The whole Apple experience.

They are not perfect. There a some quirks with using an Apple system, but often there would be clever work-arounds. The products were innovative and seemed to propel the personal computer experience, and generally technology forward. And it took a visionary to realise that. It did help to have a couple of geniuses around in Jonny Ives and Scott Forstall around .... a couple of people that Apple would do well to retain post-Steve.

So, to Mr Jobs, enjoy your retirement. You certainly deserved it. You have certainly left a legacy. I salute you!

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