Lunch at Kuala Selangor

Thursday was a day I planned to spend with an old friend, who is now working in Germany. Frankfurt was a new place for him and we certainly ha plenty to catch up on. Previously Specky was based in London.

He was back for a week, after a meeting last week. I went over to pick him up at around 11, and the initial plan was to head for a restaurant in town for lunch. Instead, we ended up in Kuala Selangor, having a gut-busting seafood meal. Two full-fat meal in a week was not good!

Central KL was hazy for the past week. It made such a change to have some fresh air.Getting settled in. The cutlery and utensils were left in warm water. A method for sterilisation I supposed. Autoclave anyone?It was a warm day and the cool lychee made a whole lot of difference.Lunch in Kuala Selangor was good as usual, and we went to one of the riverside restaurant in Kuala Penampang, our usual spot. We used the newly opened LATAR highway this time around, cutting the journey time considerably. With RM6 toll, it only took us under an hour to travel from Kepong to the restaurant. Usually, it could take close to two.

I only just realised the name of the restaurant after being here many timesThe landmark for the restaurant was this fat crab right at the front.The aftermath after the mealI could swear it was all his fault!We had sweet and sour crab, steamed fish and some cockles. And we still made it back to KL - for a post-lunch appointment to meet another friend - just before 3pm. A quick coffee, then off to drop Specky off at his parents.

Specky would be around until Sunday, but he had a family wedding to attend from tomorrow.

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