Wedding at Wardieburn

This particular aunt of mine finally received a daughter-in-law. A fee years back, his eldest son was engaged, but then wedding was called off at the last minute. His son had since got engaged again and InsyaAllah would be receiving another daughter-in-law some time next year.

Today, it was his younger son's wedding - well it was the reception today as the wedding proper was held a couple of weeks back. Understandably everybody was relieved and it was a happy occasion. My Mum especially got to meet her old friends and relatives after a number of years.

The wedding was held at Wardieburn Camp, not far from our Gombak place. It had lately becoming a popular venue for wedding despite the hall located inside a military base. It was kind of surreal since I was born into a military family, I always remembered the camps to be heavily guarded. I just couldn't get used to the sight of the guards on duty waving cars in without inspection. Time has certainly changed.

The ceremony was very well attended and by the time we left, there were still throngs of people parking their cars and queuing to get into the hall. With the restless children - NY two boys plus Julia's two girls - we had to leave rather early. But not before catching up with our relatives.

Post-call were never good days for me, but meeting my relatives and even teachers from my primary school in Kepala Batas soon certainly took the fatigue away. But now, I could do with some sleep ......

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