The New Table

After the search for the study table last Thursday, I finally had it liveried to the apartment. By IKEA. I paid for it to be assembled as well since I imagined it would be hard work, especially when I won ld be on call this weekend and next. They came over just before noon, and I was still in clinic then. Puan Anita was at the apartment then, so she was the one arranging the delivery.

My table was finally installed, so when I arrived after my afternoon round to see the table, I was surprised that it was assembled the wrong way around. I bought a table, and paid extra for an extension on the left hand end. Instead, the extension was installed to the right side, causing the arrangement in the room with all the other planned furniture going to pots.

I couldn't be bothered to wait for the installer to come back - they had another delivery to do next weekend - and took it upon myself to dismantle and reassemble the table. So, the drills came out, and half an hour later, all was well.

When I arranged for the delivery, I made sure that the staff they understood the configuration I wanted since the table was part of a system which you could mix and match. I suspect that the message did not get thorough to the installers who came to the apartment today. At least they got all the parts across, as it would have been a disaster otherwise.

Am I happy with the table? Well, it could be better, but at least I know that the table could be dismantled in the future when we move out. The chair was also very comfortable. Next, I would need to buy a convertible bed as the study would also be the guest room. The wiring and next the computer and printers would also need to be sorted out. That would be next month ....

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