The Spice Shop

Every time we land in Kepala Batas, my Mum would go to this shop without fail. Apparently, this spice shop had been handed down a couple of generations and they now have a shop, being previously selling their wars from home. 
It was more of a one-stop place where all the ingredients were available, including the recipe should you wish for. They were available as printouts. You can get all the materials, from onions, ghee, ginger etc. you name it, hey got it. 
Anita asking for his latest mixAfter sussing out the quantity, he would then start the mixingHis brother would then make sure all we perfectly mixed upAnita started coming here since last year after tasting my Mum's curry. And every time my Mum went back to Kepala Batas she would order some spices. And now, Anita was buying them for her friends as well. 
This is the way!
According to the owner of the shop, they had started supplying their spices to restaurants around KL for the last few years. What you do when you get to the shop was to tell him what you were planning to cook, and he would mix the spices up to your taste. These were all freshly grounded, and the Biryani mix was my particular favorite. 
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