Decided to take things easy this morning. Got my rounds and clinic sorted out early and then packed my lunch and headed out to the apartment and just chilled there. Watched a bit of TV, a good movie on Sundance actually.

And the main thing - updated both my iPhone and then MacBook to Mavericks. Painless than I thought and I updated the rest of then iWork suite while I was at it.

Still yet to try the softwares extensively as I was just about to leave for the afternoon rounds. But a couple of thing I realised, Safari felt faster and the Map app looked cool. Not something which I would use daily.

The update also killed a number of my third party apps as well. 1Password was not on by default and I had to migrate all my password to iCloud Keychain. TextExpander was also disabled, but I was sure the updates would be coming soon. Both Aperture and Photoshop seemed to be functioning OK. I would be looking at Keynote later today when I reach home.

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