Camera Awesome!

Recently there had been a major update on the Android version of the Camera Awesome app. The new version was definitely much better than the last one.

For the uninitiated, Camera Awesome is the camera replacement app produced by the team behind SmugMug, my main photograph storage in the cloud. One thing about them is they actually have an algorithm in their system which transforms the appearance of our snaps once uploaded to their server. The snaps would be optimised for the LCD screens and the web. The saturation and contrast would definitely be boosted up, giving an extra gloss to our photos.

This special formula is called the "awesomeness", and this app certainly offered plenty of those. Though I must say that they still lagged behind VSCO when it comes to customisation of the photos.

SmugMug had also recently updated their website for free - if you have a paid account with them of course - and this had become my main gallery and depository. With this app, my snaps would be uploaded instantly into my archive, so that I would never have to worry about getting my snaps misplaced as long as I have an internet connection.

And yes, the photo up top had reviewed some awesomeness which is just as well as it was captured in almost darkness. I still needed Camera+ for the borders though.

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