Walking around Pavilion

It had been a while since I did a photo walk, be it solo or in a group. I had some free time this afternoon, but due to drizzle outside, the photo walk ended up mostly indoors.

All the malls were packed with Chinese New Year shoppers, and taking a camera out at this time was not ideal. But the decorations were well worth the hassle. Anticipating heavy traffic around Bukit Bintang, I decided to lark the car at KLCC and took the walk across to Pavilion.

The main foyer at Suria KLCCPavilion. This was more like it .....

The decorations at Suria KLCC were rather subdued and predictable. A lost opportunity really considering the number of foreign visitors coming to the place. Not many snaps were taken there and I swiftly made my way across to Pavilion via the pedestrian walkway.

The scene there was different, and I arrived just before the scheduled lion dance show at 3pm. The crowd was too packed, and decided to walk further down towards Fahrenheit, Sungai Wang and finally, Low Yat Plaza.

At Fahrenheit 88It started to drizzleLion dance in front of Lot 10

After a spot of browsing, I doubled back to Pavilion, taking the time - as the main foyer where the lion dance show took place were empty - to snap more frames.

Back to Suria next, and then across to Avenue K at the Leica Store. I thought that there was an exhibition going on there, but I got the venue mixed up. Oh well, I caught up with an old friend there instead, and looking at one of the photographers there setting up a mini-studio to try out the Leica S medium format system. An RM100k outfit that I could never afford! That camera was pumping out 37MP files from its sensor. Mind boggling!

It was time for tea after I left, and I took out dinner for my boys back at Suria. A long day indeed ...

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