Switching to the One

After putting off the switch for quite a while, it had finally became official. I would be retiring my Nexus 4 in favour of the HTC One.

After using the One for the last couple of months, the difference became rather obvious. First of all, the speed as far as blogging was concerned. The main drafting app I use is called Writer. The speed between the two devices were very obvious when I type. The One was definitely superior.

Then came the camera. Not much difference between the two camera-wise although One took better photos off the sensor, but when it post-production, using Snapseed was definitely a better experience on the One. Since the file was smaller - the sensor chip was only 4 MP - editing was snappier.

But the main killer was battery life. It was abysmal on the Nexus 4. Snapdragon Battery Guru helped a bit, but not much.

I might still be visiting the Nexus especially if it had the 4.3 upgrade pushed down first. But for daily use, I had to use the One. There were just to many reasons to switch.

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